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Mondrian Kit Bag

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Mondrian Kit Bag

Our design is inspired by one of our favourite artists, Piet Mondrian
(18721944), Dutch painter.
Interestingly, Mondrian only used the colours blue, red, and yellow.

We sew on the sailcloth coloured shapes with traditional sailmakers zigzag stitch using U.V resistant sailmakers thread.

This medium size kitbag has square ends, and all sides and top are decorated. The dimensions are:
width 43cm, square ends 25cm x 25cm.
The price of the medium sized bag is £320.
- six large internal pockets
- an extra layer of black acrylic canvas to the base to protect and add durability
- black chunky, robust zip and slider with coloured pull cord
- stitching throughout is done with U.V. resistant sailmakers thread
- soft webbing handles that are sewn on right around the bag

Medium size (as seen in photo).

Please phone us on 01983 872834 to order one.

Care instructions:
Hand wash gently at 30 degrees centigrade. Rinse. Dry naturally.
Do not add bleach, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry and do not iron.

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