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Personalised square cushion with Signal Flags


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Personalised square cushion with Signal FlagsPersonalised square cushion with Signal Flags
Personalised square cushion with Signal Flags

These fabulous large sailcloth cushions can be personalised with up to two authentic Marine International Signal flags. A soft rope runs through loops around the edge of the cushion, which is removable.

This large square cushion measures 68cm x 68cm approximately.

They are excellent for using on yachts and boats, outside on decks, in boathouses, camping and in the home.

We include the excellent quality feather cushion that we buy from John Lewis.

We sew the flags onto a coloured sailcloth cushion, white being the most popular choice, but we offer you other colours as an alternative.

Choose your flags from the International Marine Signal flags and pennants chart.

There are 26 signal flags that represent the phonetic alphabet:
A - alpha, B - Bravo, C - Charlie etc. They convey particular instructions, for example signal flag A conveys - I have a diver down, keep well clear at slow speed.
There are also 10 Numeral Pennant flags available to choose from, 0 to 9. In addition there is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Substitute flag and an Answering Pennant.

The flags are sewn on with sew traditional sailmakers zigzag stitch using white U.V. treated sailmakers thread. We also sew a double row of zigzag stitching beneath the flags. If only one flag is chosen we place it on centrally, and add stitching above and below the flag.

The cushions are frequently bought as wedding presents with the couples initials on them, for special anniversaries, and as birthday presents with the numeral pennants sewn on representing the persons age. Imagine what messages you can convey using the International Signal Flags!

We order the flags from a UK company, they are made from 100% Ministry of Defence standard woven material. The Marine International Signal and Pennant flags are used on most yachts, naval, merchant and passenger vessels at sea.

The cushion pad can be removed through an envelope style opening on the back of the cushion.

We sew our N label on the back and add a navy blue and red webbing loop on one side.

We offer you a choice of material for the back of the cushion:
the same sailcloth as front of cushion, or, grey velvet, or natural coloured linen and cotton.

The Marine International Signal Flags and Pennants chart with their meanings:
A - Alpha - I have a diver down
B - Bravo - I am taking in or discharging dangerous goods
C - Charlie - Yes affirmative
D - Delta - Keep clear of me, I am manoeuvring with difficulty
E - Echo - I am altering course to starboard
F - Foxtrot - I am disabled communicate with me
G - Golf - I require a pilot
H - Hotel - I have a pilot on board
I - India - I am altering course to port
J - Juliett - I am on fire, dangerous cargo on board, keep clear of me
K - Kilo - I wish to communicate with you
L - Lima - You should stop your vessel instantly
M - Mike - My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water
N - November - No negative
O - Oscar - Man overboard
P - Papa - All persons should report on board as the vessel is about to proceed to sea
Q - Quebec - My vessel is healthy and i require free pratique
R - Romeo - No signal
S - Sierra - My engines are going astern
T - Tango - Keep clear of me I'm engaged in pair trawling
U - Uniform - You are running into danger
V - Victor - I require assistance:W - Whisky - I require medical assistance
X - X Ray - Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals
Y - Yankee - I am dragging my anchor
Z - Zulu - I require a tug
1 - number pennant
2 - number pennant
3 - number pennant
6 - number pennant
7 - number pennant
8 - number pennant
9 - number pennant
0 - number pennant
1st Substitute flag
2nd Substitute flag
3rd Substitute flag
Acknowledgement flag

* When vintage old sails are unavailable we use new excellent top quality sailcloth.

65cm height x 65cm width approx.

Care instructions:
The sailcloth cover can be washed by hand at 30 degrees centigrade with eco-friendly liquid. Rinse and dry naturally. Do not dry clean, do not tumble dry and do not dry clean.

The cushion pad is machine washable at 40 degrees centigrade.

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